Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there other US exchange students at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics or I will be the only student from North America?

A: There are many US students at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). Actually, the university receives about 250 exchange students every fall semesters such that the largest foreign student population (around 45) arrives from the US. These students participate in different exchange programs and come mainly from the following US universities: University of New Hampshire, Colorado State University, University of Arizona, etc. Right after the arrival of foreign students an integration week is organized where you may meet not only the other US students but people from all around the world. The programs of the integration week are free of charge. This integration week is an excellent opportunity to cope with the so called “cultural shock” which is experienced if one arrives in a foreign country. In addition to the study abroad office of the BME, a mentor team of BME students also assists foreign students to find housing and to organizes different types of study abroad programs.

Q: What are the class sizes at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics?

Students from the FIT will be enrolled in the BSc degree programs in English at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Class sizes in the English language degree programs do not exceed 30-35 students.

Q: What exactly is the Bachelor’s thesis mentioned as a difference between the FIT and BME thesis requirements?

A: It is a document that is required in Hungary at BME to obtain the B.S. degree as proof of the capacity of the student to solve out and document and engineering task. This document is written in English with an abstract in French. The thesis is reviewed and defended by the student in front of a Committee. The defense includes an oral presentation of the work done (using slides) and responses/answers to the reviewer's questions and remarks. The Committee members may also formulate questions. The language of the defense is English. The thesis is also submitted as the senior design project document for an FIT student in the project.

Q: What exactly is the thesis defense procedure required for the European B. S. degree?

A: The language used is English. The defense takes place in front of a Committee including members from all the three participating universities. The defense has two parts. The first part is the presentation of the thesis work (15 minutes) using slides and it includes a short questions/answers session such that Committee members may ask questions about the thesis work. The second part is an oral exam where the student receives questions from a predefined list related to two courses already completed during his stay in Europe.

Q: Is it (the thesis) a research/project similar to the senior design?

A: Yes, it is however written as a Thesis and the student presents the results at FIT for fulfillment of the senior design course requirements, and it is presented at a Bachelor’s Thesis meeting in front of a Committee for obtaining the BME B.S. degree from Hungary.

Q: Is it a requirement in addition to the senior design for the FIT student, which needs to be completed?

A: It is the result of the senior design comparable to the FIT requirements, and it is presented to your international advisory committee as the final step to obtain the European degree in Hungary.

Q:Also were the topics that were covered in the seminars the thesis topics?

A: The thesis topics are selected by the students similar to FIT’s procedure. The current suggested topics are listed on this web site in the STARS Research topics section (clicking on the link will override the content of this frame).

Q: I recently heard about the exchange program that allows for FIT students to get a dual degree, one American and one European, when they study abroad in Budapest and Brussels. I am very interested in the program, but I need to gain more information about it, such as what courses will I be taking and how many extra courses I have to take?

A: You take the same number of equivalent credits in Europe as you will take at FIT if you attend during the fall and spring semesters in order to obtain your B.S. degree. Before you go to Europe, all equivalent courses between the FIT degree and European degree is agreed upon and known by the students and the universities. If a student does not have some level of the French language competency, the program provides for summer language learning, as well as French language learning opportunities during your stay in Europe. The funds allocated for each student’s stipend ($10,000 US dollars) will allow for these language learning costs.

If you attend during the spring of your senior year and summer semester, an additional semester of tuition is required as a full-time student at FIT. Equivalent courses for the spring semester and then required, as well as the language and summer B.S. Thesis requirements at BME in Hungary & RMA in Brussels. If you have additional questions, please contact Dr. Bostater.

Q: Can I be placed on a list to receive further information?

A: Interested students who want to be informed should subscribe to the mailing list: at the Florida Institute of Technology List Server.

Q:Where can I find the academic calendar of the BME for the 2008/2009 spring semester?

A: Important information can be found on the English language web site of the BME (see Study Abroad in BME section). The academic calendar of the 2008/2009 academic year is available here. The examination period at the Faculty of Electrical Engineeing and Information Technology is 25 May 2009 - 22 June 2009.

Q:Where can I find the academic calendar of the RMS for the 2008/2009 spring semester?

A: Just download the academic calendar in pdf. The dates are similar in all years.

Q: If I am an FIT student, do I still pay the FIT tuition fees at FIT while I am overseas?

A: Yes, you must register as a full time student at FIT and pay for the maximum undergraduate tuition for undergraduate students. Thus you will pay for 2 semesters of full time tuition fees at FIT even though you are in Europe.