Sensing Technology and Robotic Systems (STARS) related senior design topics

Students selected to participate in the Atlantis STARS world class undergraduate research and education project may select a topic for their senior design at FIT and Bachelor Degree Thesis at BME. The available topics at the partner institutions will be related to - remote sensing technologies and robotic systems. Individual supervision is ensured by faculty staff at the partner institutions. Suggested topics include:

  1. Autonomous Indoor Navigation of a mobile robot equipped with ultrasonic sensors - see detailed description
  2. Tele-operation of a wheeled robot equipped with a metal detector (for detection of mine like objects)
  3. Theoretical kinematical study of 4x4 wheeled robots and experimental trials.
  4. Comparison between exteroceptive sensors used for an outdoor/indoor navigation of a mobile robot (US, Laser Scanner, Odometric sensors, Acoustic, Hyperspectral Systems and Frame vs. Line scanning cameras)
  5. Realization of a measurement bench to measure the signature of antipersonnel mines in the metal detector frequency band - see detailed description
  6. Control of a X-Y scanner used to test sensors in the scope of humanitarian demining - see detailed description
  7. Camera motion control systems for mobile robotic platforms & associated image acquisition/processing using line scanning (push broom) sensor systems (B&W/rgb systems, hyperspectral, laser line and acoustic scanning sensor systems. This topic will involve international student team collaborations (between FIT, RMS and BMS students).
  8. Autonomous chess playing robot (artificial intelligence, image processing for scene identification, object manipulation) - see deatiled description
  9. Development of sensor fusion testbed hardware - see detailed description