Welcome to the Atlantis STARS project portal (2007-2011)

STARS is a Transatlantic Degree Project (2007-2011) in the framework of the US-EU Atlantis programme for higher education and vocational Training.

IMPORTANT: the funding period of the project ended by 30 Nov, 2011. The exchange framework is still available under a new Memorandum of Agreement.

Opportunities for students
  1. The program offers the possibility to US and EU undergraduate students of the Florida Institute of Technology (US), the Royal Military School (Belgium, EU), and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary, EU) to spend a period of study on the other side of the Atlantic.
  2. Participating students receive stipend during their study period abroad, receive support for travel expenses, and pay their tuition fees exclusively at their home institution.
  3. Upon successful completion of the study program (selected majors), students may receive the degree of their home institution and a degree from the opposite side of the Atlantic after completing the BSc degree requirements.
Opportunities for faculty staff
  1. Faculty teaching staff transatlantic exchanges are also funded by the project for a period of 2-8 weeks (travel expenses and subsistence costs).
  2. Available for staff of the participating institutions.

Funding agencies
Agreement number: 2006-4564-05
Grant number: P116J060017